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Altano Douro red wine
Posted in Portuguese wine

Altano Organic red 2016 (Douro)

From the rugged and beautifully wild region of North Portugal along the banks of the Douro river comes this Altano Organic red produced by the Symington Family Estates who own premier vineyards in the area and are well known for Port and Madeira with brands such as Dow’s, Cockburn’s and Graham’s as well as red Douro wine. This particular red is made from a blend of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Roriz,…

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Yalumba Old vine Grenache 2015
Posted in Australian Wine

Yalumba Old Bush Vine Grenache 2015

Always loved Yalumba, every time I go back to a bottle it’s almost like pulling on an old comfortable pair of slippers and this Old Vine Grenache is just one of those wines, It just feels warm and comforting, especially in these troubling times of the Corona Virus epidemic where we are all uncertain of what the future holds. What’s not uncertain is the quality of this wine as with most of Yalumba bottles this…

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Assyrtiko Greek White Wine
Posted in Greek Wine Majestic

Assyrtiko – A distinctive Greek white wine

If you enjoy bone dry, steely and vibrant white wines with some bracing acidity then this may well be the bottle for you. Assyrtiko is a Greek wine from the island of Santorini and has recently gained a lot of favourable attention. If your not familiar with Greek wines then this white made with the distinctive Assyrtiko grape variety may well, for many people, provide an alternative to Sauvignon Blanc. Apparently over 80% of vines…

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Kangarilla Road Shiraz 2016
Posted in Australian Wine Majestic

Kangarilla Road Shiraz 2016

I first came across this Kangarilla Road Shiraz a few years ago at a tasting event where I sampled the 2009 vintage, the impression it made has always stayed with me and now it remains as one of my favourite Shiraz’s in this price range. The pleasure from this wine starts with the elegant looking bottle with its simple iconic vine leaf label and the elegance continues when you open the screw cap and first…

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Jacob's Creek double barrel matured Shiraz
Posted in Australian Wine Morrisons

Double Barrelled Jacob’s Creek

Had this bottle of Jacob’s Creek for a while now and always passed over it for something else when delving into my wine rack, well, this time I took the plunge and it ended up being a real surprise and in a good way, not at all what I expected. The double part of this refers to the continuous ageing of the wine in Scotch/Whisky barrels after the normal time spent in wine barrels. So…

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Decanter Fine Wine Encounter logo
Posted in Spanish Wine Wine Event

Decanter Fine Wine Encounter 2020 – Spain & Portugal – Part 1

Part 1 (all about the white) This Decanter event has always been a highlight for me, never fails to impress and this year was no exception. The luxurious Landmark Hotel in Marylebone, was the perfect venue with its grand ballrooms featuring a host of producers, retailers and winemakers giving us the chance to taste the best wines that Spain & Portugal have to offer. Regular readers will know my passion for Spanish wines and I…

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Waimea Elara Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Posted in New Zealand wine

Elara oaked Sauvignon Blanc 2017- The return

I bought a case of this impressive oak aged Waimea Elara Sauvignon Blanc 2017 at the back end of 2018 and I recently rediscovered a couple of bottles of the New Zealand beauty buried away in my wine rack that I’d forgotten about. Initially when I first tasted this Sovee Bee I was so impressed it warranted my first 9/10 corks so I was intrigued and excited to open up one now, to see first,…

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Gonzalez Byass
Posted in Wine Event

Gonzalez Byass Portfolio Tasting 2020

Gonzalez Byass is one of the UK´s premier wine distributors with an impressive and ever expanding portfolio consisting of quality wine brands. Famously known for Sherry, in particular Tio Pepe, the family feature five generations of Gonzalez´s dating back to 1835. I was kindly invited along to their annual Portfolio tasting at the impressive OXO2 tower on the Southbank in London. With my love of Spanish wines in particular I was really looking forward to…

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Aldi - Fire Tree Fiano white wine
Posted in Italian Wine

The Fire Tree Fiano

A lovely tasting, well made wine for under a fiver, hard to find you may say, well, maybe not. I stuck one of these Italian ‘Fire Tree’ Fiano bottles in my basket when browsing around our brand new Aldi store. For £4.99 on offer it was a no brainer so I took a chance with it, even though I was not expecting much but as it turned out it was ‘not a lot of money’…

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Porta 6 Reserva 2015
Posted in Portuguese wine

Vidigal wines – Porta 6 Reserva

Vidigal is a family run company in Portugal, making good affordable wines, with over 1,000 acres of vineyards around the Lisbon area as well as vineyards in Tagus, Douro, Alentejo, Dão, Beiras and Vinho Verde, the company produces over 3 million bottles a year. Remember when the Porta 6 broke the Majestic stores website, due to it’s large demand after TV celebrity chef James Martin claimed it was the best tasting red wine he has…

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Furmint February tasting 2020
Posted in Wine Event

Furmint February 2020

In praise of all things Furmint – The Hungarian Jewell in the crown part 2 It’s ‘Furmint February’ time again and I was lucky enough to attend a tasting here in the UK of Hungarian wines made with their national grape Furmint, the event was a triumph and a real showcase of how good these wines can be. So when I was invited again this year I jumped at the chance and in my opinion…

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Posted in New Zealand wine

Nautilus Wines – The real deal

I first tasted a Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc last summer sitting in our back garden enjoying the sunshine during a mini heatwave and I must admit I thought it was one of the better Sovee Bee’s I had tried in a long time. So when I came across their Pinot Noir I had no hesitation in buying a bottle on the strength of the Sovee hoping it wouldn’t disappoint but I shouldn’t have worried this was…

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Selection of 4 wines
Posted in Misc

A Mixed Bunch

Here’s a short selection of a mixed bunch of wines I’ve been drinking over the last week or so, some very good and one I couldn’t quite make up my mind about even though I’ve been looking forward to drinking it for a while. Esprit De Chablis 2018 Waitrose £10 (usual price around £17) Picked up during the recent 10 For £10 promotion, everything a good Chablis should be, lively citrus fruit, very dry, lots…

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Posted in Waitrose

A new decade and my first 2020 review

A very happy new year to you all and welcome to my first post of 2020. With the madness of the Christmas festivities and overindulgence that goes with it out of the way, at last things can settle back to some kind of normality. Perhaps the most significant thing that has happened to me over the Christmas period is that I have now officially retired, so no going back to work for me, although it…

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A small selection of wines I've enjoyed in 2019
Posted in Star Buys 2019

A small selection of wines I’ve enjoyed for £20 or less in 2019

Well here we are nearly at the end of another year, a year in which I’ve been lucky enough to sample some very good wines and unfortunately some not so good. Although a lot of the good stuff is normally out of my price range there has been a lot of nice quality on show as well which are much more affordable for so called ‘everyday drinking’. I’ve attended numerous tastings this year in which…

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Posted in Australian Wine Co-op

ARTAN Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Searching for a wine on the high street, popping into all the big major supermarkets, navigating your way around all the deals and promotions, half price this (which is probably what it’s worth in the first place) and 25% off 6 bottles, it’s worth remembering that there is a smaller chain out there that also has a selection of excellent wines. The shop in question is the Co op and their range often falls under…

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Posted in Champagne

Champagne Autréau

Friends of ours (@Aimetu and @NickThurDon) visited the London wine fair back in 2018 where they met representatives of this Champagne house Autréau  as we were all going on a trip to the Champagne region they organised an appointment for us to meet winemaker Eric Autréau who very kindly gave up his time to show us around and we ended up bringing a few bottles of his superb fizz home with us. See my post here for…

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Posted in French Wine Wine Event

An evening tasting ‘Cellier des Dauphins’ wines

On the 13th November 2019 I found myself in a what is described as a ‘rustic convivial’ French style restaurant called Noize set in the Fitzrovia region of London. Courtesy of Jo Thompson owner and director of Belleville Marketing I was invited to a wine tasting evening of one of the most recognisable and distinctive French wine producers ‘Cellier des Dauphins‘ showcasing their range of wines including some fabulous new additions. Uniting thirteen local wine…

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Edna Valley Chardonnay
Posted in Majestic

Edna Valley 2017 Chardonnay

Do you enjoy Chardonnay? and why is it still treated with some apprehension? Rich and loud, popular in the 90’s although Bridget Jones did her best to make it slightly naff drinking copious amounts usually with tears running down her face. It was the bottle to take to a party where you could knock it back without thinking about what you are drinking, most of it being little over the top in flavour, too buttery,…

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Terre di Chieti Pecorino wine
Posted in M&S

Pecorino: Is it a Grape or is it a Cheese?

Well, in fact it’s both, the Pecorino grape is grown in the Abruzzo and Marche regions of central Italy producing a crisp dry white wine and the Pecorino cheese which has a hard crumbly texture, similar to Parmesan but more salty is from the Tuscany, Sardinia and Lazio regions. The word itself is derived from ‘Pecora’ which translates to ‘sheep’ in Italian and the wine is said to have been given it’s name due to…

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