‘Les Nivières’ Cabernet Franc Saumur 2016

Light, softer and fruitier alternative

Les Nivieres Cabernet Franc

This ‘Les Nivières’ French beauty which comes from the banks of the Loire in the castle town of Saumur is a fresh, vibrant Cabernet Franc and I must say it’s one of the better examples of this grape variety that I’ve tasted in a while. Waitrose & Partners currently have it on offer at £7.49 (normal price £9.49) which is fantastic value for a wine of this quality.

Cabernet Franc most commonly found as part of a Bordeaux blend (along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) tends to give a herbal structure with a certain amount of finesse. This is very much the case with the ‘Les Nivières’ it’s soft, almost perfumed, very fruit forward, mild silky tannins and a good amount of acidity giving it a really fresh taste.

Mainly red fruits, leap out when sticking your nose in the glass, on first sip, there are strawberry and cherries with a little sweet spice in the background. As I said earlier the tannins are minimal which makes it instantly approachable and a brilliant pairing for most food types, there is a mouth-watering acidity which adds freshness and a silky finish which lasts.

Overall a lovely wine, not normally something I tend to drink as it’s a bit light for me but of its kind it’s a quality wine for a decent price and I very much enjoyed it.

Cork rating
My Rating a good 8/10 Corks

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