The Fire Tree Fiano

Aldi - Fire Tree Fiano white wine

A lovely tasting, well made wine for under a fiver, hard to find you may say, well, maybe not. I stuck one of these Italian ‘Fire Tree’ Fiano bottles in my basket when browsing around our brand new Aldi store. For £4.99 on offer it was a no brainer so I took a chance with it, even though I was not expecting much but as it turned out it was ‘not a lot of money’ well spent !

On opening the bottle a couple of days later I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised, this ticked all the boxes, so I couldn’t let this wine go by without giving it a big shout out and a loud ‘well done’ to Aldi wine buyers for sourcing it.

Fire Tree Fiano 2018 – Sicily

A surprisingly delicate white wine, Refreshingly bright with nice acidity, lots of tropical fruit, peaches and pineapple, slightly floral and even a little nutty.

This just tasted like a wine three times its price, how they can sell it for under a fiver beats me, there is also others in the range including Pinot Grigio/Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino , Nero D’Avola and a Sicilian Riserva which I will be seeking out and reviewing at a later date.

Stop Press : Only slight problem is I think it’s currently unavailable in store but there may well still be bottles on offer as they clear it out, definitely worth a look may find it cheaper than £4.99, you never know.

Cork Rating
My Rating 8.75/10 on value alone

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