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ARTAN Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Searching for a wine on the high street, popping into all the big major supermarkets, navigating your way around all the deals and promotions, half price this (which is probably what it’s worth in the first place) and 25% off 6 bottles, it’s worth remembering that there is a smaller chain out there that also has a selection of excellent wines. The shop in question is the Co op and their range often falls under…

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Two dynamic summer whites

I have to bring to your attention two white wines which I have enjoyed during our recent spell of hot weather. To start with I revisited a Vinho Verde from Waitrose/Majestic that I first tasted a few years ago and then a real gem of a find from the Co op, a quite superb Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (Sovee Bee). The Vinho Verde was a real surprise I will explain why in a moment and the…

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villa nardelli Sangiovese
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Villa Nardelli – Cuvée Carolina 2016

Hot on the heels of our recent trip to Tuscany, where we tasted some pretty decent wines, I am still enjoying and actively seeking out anything Italian that looks remotely interesting and this ‘Villa Nardelli’ fits the bill perfectly. Not that the bottle looks anything special, in fact, it reminds me of something you would find gathering dust at the back of a sleepy Italian restaurant but believe me, don’t let the label fool you…

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